How to Make Christmas Cutlery Holders

Today we bring you a simple and easy idea to decorate the table at Christmas. With these cutlery holders made of felt, you will add creativity to your festive table, in a very easy way. And your guests will love them!

You will need the following materials:

  • Flat felt sheets in red.
  • Green, silver or golden ribbon.
  • Embroidery thread in green, grey or light brown.
  • Jewellery beads (optional).

green ribbon

Let’s get started!

Christmas felt cutlery holder

  1. Cut a rectangle measuring 32 x 10 cm from the red felt.
  2. Fold the rectangle to create a pocket. The fold is about 12 cm, making sure that its size will accommodate your cutlery.
  3. Once you have your pocket folded, stitch both sides together using blanket stitch around all the edge with embroidery thread. Use a thread of the same colour as the bow you are going to place. For example, if the bow is silver, you can use grey thread. If the bow is green, stitch it with green thread. With a golden bow, you can use light brown thread in case you lack golden, and it will also look great.
  4. Cut off a few pieces of ribbon of approximately 25 cm. Shape and sew the bow. You can add a small jewellery bead in the center (those ones with a hole in the center to pass the thread through).
  5. Finally, fix the bow to your cutlery holder … and that’s it!


Christmas cutlery holdersIn particular, these holders were part of a solidarity project for the SOLC Association in Spain (Association for Support and Help in the Treatment of Cancer). Altogether, 500 units were made, as a gift for all those people who collaborate every year with this association.

You can see how easy they are, so you can also make them and surprise your family and friends (if we managed 500 in record time, sure you can deal with one, two… or several dozen units 😉 ). They can be a cute gift at the end of the dinner and they can also help you to organize the table just by adding a tag with your guests’ names.

We hope you like our Christmas post, and that you are inspired to join us for the next craft!


To get started is everything

Like most of important things in life, this happened by chance. On any day, without a special reason, my mother started to practice these little baby booties, only motivated by her continous ambition for learning new things. The first finished boottie was a huge challenge. If she could achive it, if she managed to get only one, that would mean the pair would be next, then other pairs, more colours, different sizes… A whole range of possibilities! If she managed to get only one, then she would be able to do everything! Like most of beautiful things in life… To get started is everything.

I still remember how proud she felt when she finished her first sole, which was followed by a beautiful and tiny closed and finished bootie, stitch by stitch. My brother looked at her, as innocent as surprised, with a contained smile, witness of the secret that he still was hiding…

That same evening, he gave us the great news. My niece Aitana was on the way. Quirk of fate, my mother began to weave which unknowingly was the beginning of a beautiful new stage in our lives.

No need to tell you, that my niece didn’t lack booties, she had all kinds of models and colours… Before birth, there were a lot of them waiting for her, carefully deposited in a small cloth bag, looking forward to meeting her little feet.

So this is the way I want to start this blog, with the simplicity of a first baby bootie which will lead us, stitch by stitch, to something bigger that we still unknow…

Because all beautiful things in life begin like this, almost by chance  😉