About mysd

Always thinking, always dreaming, with no more tools than our own hands and those sewing boxes full of hope. We believe in the value of handmade creations. They are unique and ecofriendly, without any packaging or excesses. And with this philosophy of work, we pay great attention to the details.Handmade gift

We have broken a thousand barriers and we continue fighting every day. We believe that when things get rough, we have to reverse the downward spiral. However discouraging it may look at any given time, it can be done when you strive for the best. And any time can be the perfect time to act, to create.

 “Seeing this moment as a perfect moment is always an option.” Jill B. Taylor

photo camera
Our work, which we show here, has been the motor and source of hope in our lives. The enthusiasm for good work has helped us in difficult times, and that is why we want to share it, hoping that mysummerdress will become your “little place” of inspiration.

Because despite all the rainy afternoons and all the storms, it’s always a good time to smile at life. Because after a rainy afternoon, shake thyself from the sadness. Put on your dress and go out for a walk under the sun. With a firm and sure step, do not forget all those little-great inspiring things, they will give you the strength to be who you really are. Dance with your dress, and make every day a perfect summer day.


we are my summer dress


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